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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Chicken in a Tarragon Cream Sauce

More rain means more decadent dinners: save salads for lunch I say, but dinner at the moment need to be a little more grown up in my books. Caramelising the onions in this dish adds a hint of sweetness which really brings the dish together and who can say 'no' to double cream? I served this with simple baked potatoes, asparagus and mange tout.
Chicken in a Tarragon Cream Sauce

6 Chicken Breasts
Olive Oil
1 Onion (halved and finely sliced)
1 Tbsp Butter
1 cloves Garlic (finely sliced)
2 Tbsp Fresh Tarragon Leaves
1 cup Chicken Stock
1/2 cup White Wine
2/3 cup Double Cream

To serve:
Green Veg

Season the chicken breasts.
Place a large nonstick pan on medium heat and pour in a good glug of olive oil. Fry the chicken breasts on medium heat for approximately 3 minutes a side, until nicely browned and almost cooked through. Set aside.
Add the butter and 1 more tablespoon of olive oil and fry the onions on a low heat with a pinch of salt until golden and caramelised. Add the garlic and cook for a further minute.
Add the tarragon, chicken stock, wine, cream and a good grinding of black pepper and stir to combine.
Add the chicken breasts, cover with a lid and poach gently in the liquid (turning occasionally) until the chicken breasts are cooked through.
Place them on a platter to rest and reduce the sauce until thickened (if necessary).
Pour the sauce over the chicken breasts and serve.

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