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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kitchen Hacks: The Best Way to Braai a Chicken

In the latest episode of Kitchen Hacks I investigate the best way to braai/barbecue a chicken. I try the top three methods on the internet, namely: Spatchcock Chicken, Smoked Chicken and the Beer Butt Chicken...
The Best Way to Braai a Chicken

Method 1: 
Spatchcock Chicken:
I found this to be the easiest, it's also the quickest with no mess or fuss. The meat is moist and the skin crisp and it takes half the time of any of the other methods.

Method 2: 
Smoking the Chicken:
I found this to be the most work in terms of prep, but it seriously delivers on flavour and texture. Succulent, tasty, crisp skin, and, once it's cooking, you don't have to do a thing to it until it's done.

Method 3:
The Beer Butt Chicken:
The Beer Butt Chicken has come under contention as many critics say the beer can't get to boiling temperature, so no steaming actually takes place. I found this to be true. There was no beer flavour in the meat and it's all rather gimmicky. The meat wasn't as succulent as with the other two. Sadly it was a bit of a fail.

Watch the Video here: 

Happy Braaing!

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