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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The easiest way to make Popcorn

In my latest episode of Kitchen Hacks, my Youtube channel, I investigated the easiest way to make popcorn and the result may be surprising to some as the answer is in the microwave, but not in a store-bought bag, just a regular paper bag and 2 1/2 minutes of your time will give you perfectly popped popcorn!

The easiest way to make Popcorn

Watch it here:

Or follow the easy recipe below:

1/2 cup of popcorn kernels
1 paper bag (about 20cm by 30cm in dimension)
Butter if desired

Pour the popcorn kernels into the paper bag and add a pinch of salt.
Fold the top of the bag over 2 or 3 times in small folds just to seal the bag.
Pop into the microwave for 2 1/2 - 3 minutes (2 1/2 usually does it, but microwaves differ in terms of power, so just listen to the popping and once it becomes intermittent then it's ready and you should remove it from the microwave to prevent it from burning.)
Add a knob of butter if you like and give it a shake before serving.

That's it!

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