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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Easy Slow-roasted Springbok shanks

People are often amazed when you present them with a slow roasted lamb or springbok shank - 'oh wow' they grin 'that must have taken you hours' - but the only thing it takes hours to make is the oven. The dish itself takes 10 minutes to put together and then you let the oven do the rest! Honestly - it's too easy for words. I used Springbok shanks as I felt like something different but you can use lamb shanks just as easily. Feel free to use white wine instead of red and add a tin of tomatoes if you prefer the flavour - there's not really much you can do wrong!

Slow-roasted Springbok shanks

Ingredients (serves 4)
4 small - medium Springbok shanks* (you could us lamb instead)
olive oil
3 onions (cut into 6ths)
8 carrots (roughly chopped)
1 packet celery (roughly chopped)
1 bottle red wine
1 litre beef stock (2 beef stock sachets dissolved in water is fine)
2 tbsp honey
1 bay leaf
4 sprigs rosemary
salt and pepper
*The bigger the shanks, the tougher the meat, as Springbok shanks have very little fat on them.

Preheat the oven to 200*C.
Season the shanks and place a large, oven-proof, casserole dish on medium-high heat.
Brown the shanks in a little olive oil, turning until the exteriors are nicely caramelised, then remove from the casserole dish and set aside.
Pour in a good glug of olive oil and pop in the onions, carrots and celery and season with a little salt and pepper, saute for about 8 minutes, turning constantly, before removing from the heat.
Push the shanks into the bottom of the dish under the veggies and add the remaining ingredients.
Put the lid onto the casserole dish and pop into the oven.
Turn the oven down to 180*C and roast for 3 1/2 hours, turning the shanks every hour and checking that not too much liquid has evaporated - if too much of the liquid evaporates just add another cup of water and continue the cooking.
Serve with couscous.


  1. I bookmarked this page for the next time I make the man Lamb, He saw it yesterday afternoon, and went out and bought 4 Shanks... I take that as a hint LOL... Thanks Mills, :-)

    1. Wonderful! Let me know how it goes - nothing beats a lamb shank sunday lunch!!!

    2. Hahahahha, I must tell you that the man kinda confused Shanks and Knuckles, but anyhoo :-) . I made them on the same lines as this. 2 Onions and half the carrots, a little less of everything basically, and well he was licking his fingers right to the knuckles LOL.. Thanks, I will def be trying this with Proper Shanks next time... ;-)

    3. That is too funny! But, yes, with lamb - the knuckles and shanks are very similar in texture and can be cooked in the same way - glad they were delicious - you must have had a good laugh when you opened that packet of groceries! :)

    4. Hahahha, I was like "Babes, where are the shanks"... "There"... "Where?"... "There, in the fridge"... "Babes... Where?"... Gets up and hands the bag to me ...
      "Babes those are knuckles....", Shame he did try... I put a bit of extra love into preparing them just cause he was so eager to impress... and he did love them... Thanks again...

    5. Oh that's too funny - you just made my day! :)