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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Microwave meringues

Yes, you saw the title correctly - these are no mess, no fuss meringues you can make in the microwave in 1 minute. The whole dessert will take you 5 minutes. This is for all those wonderful people out there who can't cook or hate cooking or just don't have the time. You can spoil your special someone tonight or any night for that matter and it will cost you next to nothing in both money and time.

Whilst I would never say that these are as glorious as slow-baked meringues, they really do the trick - especially if you are making something like Eton mess. I even managed to make one big enough for a pavlova, and that took about 3 minutes to cook.

Easy as 1..2...3

Meringues with strawberries and cream in 5 minutes

1 egg white (my eggs gave 40 ml of egg white)
2 cups icing sugar
2 tbsp corn flour
baking paper
strawberries and whipped cream to serve

Mix together icing sugar and corn flour and put into a bowl with the egg white.
Stir until combined - it will get harder to stir as you go, but stick with it until you have a big clump similar in texture to confectioners icing.
Cut a circle of baking paper to line the glass plate in your microwave.
Roll the meringue mixture into small balls about the size of a quails egg/Smartie egg and place 4 at time, with space between each, on the baking paper.
Bake in the oven for between 35 and 60 seconds - every microwave differs in power so I would do a test with the first ball to get the hang of it. Mine took 40-45 sec. You want to let the meringue rise fully - once it has stopped growing give it a few more seconds and then it should be done. If you leave them too long they will begin to burn. If you open the microwave door and they begin to fall, quickly put them back on for a little longer and they should rise again.
Once done, allow to cool for a few seconds and then peel off the paper and repeat.
Serve with straberries/berries/mango and cream

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